Kozienice is a city with 22 thousand inhabitants, picturesquely situated between the wide and wild valleys of the middle Vistula, on the edge of the Kozienice Primeval Forest rich in berries and mushrooms, in the distance of 3 km to the west of the Vistula River, 85 km to south from Warsaw, 35 km to the east of Radom and 95 km to the west of Lublin. Through the city flows a small river Zagożdżonka, left tributary of the Vistula .

Interesting places:

- Park-palace complex

- Regional Museum

- Monument commemorating the birth of Sigismund the Old

- Monument of Peasant Battalions guerrillas

- Tomb remains of the Dehn family

- Hamernia (forge) from the Stanislaus period

Kozienice Primeval Forest with numerous reserves (“Royal springs”, “Brzeźniczka”)

The complex of modern sports facilities:

- swimming pool

- sports hall

- stadium

- horse stable

Lake Kozienice with band shell (since 2002 here takes place the National Song Festival named after Bogusław Klimczuk)

Nearby Kozienice spans the area of Kozienice Primeval Forest in which the predominate oaks, hornbeams, beechs, firs and spruces. There are over 240 species of birds (including lesser spotted eagle and black stork), and numerous species of mammals, amphibians and reptiles, including protected (eg pond turtle and European beaver).

During summer season there is a water connection on Vistula between Kozienice and Kazimierz Dolny.